1 Degree Realty History

Deca Property Management Company was established in 1990 with the goal to provide high quality property management services. In 1995 we changed our name to Deca Realty Company, to reflect the fact that we offer full service brokerage services. Today the company manages over 1,000 units of residential and commercial real estate and numerous homeowner and condominium associations.

As Deca Realty Company continued to grow , the need for a separate division, to focus on our increasing residential sales, was realized. To fill that need, in November of 2013, we founded 1 Degree Realty, a subsidiary of Deca Realty. The mission of 1 Degree Realty is to continue to offer the same professional quality services of the long established Deca Realty, but with a staff that is completely centered on the St. Louis real estate market.